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Akothee finally ‘finds a new man’

by Samantha
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Singer Akothee, known for her dynamic personality and chart-topping hits, has recently ignited the rumor mill as she seemingly confirms a romantic connection with her manager, Nelly Oaks.

This development comes in the wake of her separation from husband Denis Schweizer in June 2023, marking a new chapter in Akothee’s personal life.

The music sensation and Nelly Oaks, who have been frequently spotted together, captured the attention of fans during a live session on TikTok.

In one particularly notable moment, Nelly Oaks was seen in the kitchen preparing a special meal for Akothee, who interacted with fans from the lounge.

The exchange was filled with affectionate gestures, with Nelly Oaks referring to the meal as a surprise for a “special person” like Akothee.

“This is a special dinner for a special person like you. It’s a surprise,” Nelly Oaks said.

Public displays of affection continued during a drive to work, where Akothee openly expressed her feelings for Nelly Oaks, using endearing terms such as “everything,” “babe,” and “Mpermanent.”

While Akothee and Nelly Oaks had experienced a separation in 2022, recent interactions and statements suggest a rekindling of their connection. Akothee emphasized the depth of their bond, going beyond the romantic aspects.

In her words, “In Nelly Oaks, I see a brother, a father, a friend. It goes beyond all these things that people say.”

The public acknowledgment of their relationship reached new heights during the launch of her daughter Vesha Okello’s business venture, Chateau 254 Cellar & Gastro Club.

Akothee publicly praised Nelly Oaks, declaring him the “man behind my brand” and affirming that he remains an essential part of her life.

“To me, Nelly will never be an ex. That’s all, allow me to dance,” Akothee declared, hitting the dance floor with Oaks and other celebrities present.

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