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Shock as Man Pleads With Court to Jail Him So That He Can Get Free Food

by Samantha
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The high cost of living has pushed many individuals to the brink of financial stress and hardship, with some even contemplating suicide.

The mental and emotional burden of struggling to make ends meet can become overwhelming, leading to feelings of hopelessness and despair.

This dire situation recently led a 32-year-old man in Nairobi to plead with a magistrate on Friday, asking to be found guilty of attempted suicide so he could access free food in prison.

The man revealed that he was born in the Makadara area of Likoni but currently resides in Utawala, Nairobi. He found himself in court after attempting suicide by jumping over a ferry into the ocean, hoping to end his life by drowning.

In a heartfelt plea, he asked the magistrate to incarcerate him, believing that he would have a better life in prison.

He expressed, “Let me just tell you the truth, save me by putting me in prison because this suicidal feeling is not good. In prison, I will have access to food and a chance to live.”

He recounted that when he tried to jump over the ferry, the attendant did not even attempt to stop him.

The man explained to the court that life had not always been this challenging for him but had deteriorated over time.

He humbly requested, “Just provide me with food, your honor, and I will be willing to work. Sometimes, you might encounter someone in this world who is suffering, and it’s not their fault.”

He mentioned that he lived alone and had separated from his wife, who had gone on to remarry, although he didn’t provide a reason for their separation. He continued to plea, “All I need is food, your honor, and I will gladly live with fellow prisoners and abide by the rules.”

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