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Nadia Mukami Boldly Declares Herself the Wealthiest Female Artiste in East Africa

by Samantha
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Award-winning Kenyan singer Nadia Mukami has boldly asserted that she is the wealthiest female artist in all of East Africa. In a recent interview, Nadia disclosed that she has made substantial investments in properties, giving her the confidence to make this claim.

“I’m on my own level. In terms of money, I don’t believe there’s a female artist in Tanzania who has more wealth than me,” Nadia stated.

She went on to emphasize the significant property investments she and others have made, suggesting that they have substantial land holdings that, if showcased with their title deeds, would astonish people.

“Some of us don’t talk, but the land that we have, if we start showing title deeds people will run away. In terms of money,” Nadia said.

Nadia elaborated on her financial standing, saying, “In terms of money, assets, and investments – particularly assets – I don’t think there’s a female artist in East Africa who can surpass me. I came from Mwihoko, where you can find a lady driving even a Passo, but they are very affluent. I believe I grew up seeing that and learned that those with substantial wealth often do not make a lot of noise. So, in East Africa, I don’t believe there’s a female artist who can outdo me in terms of property.”

However, when asked about her standing in terms of YouTube views, Nadia acknowledged that some artists may surpass her due to the use of bots to artificially inflate their numbers. Despite this, she remains confident in her wealth and investments.

“In terms of YouTube views, yes, because some artists use bots… they can surpass me in terms of views and followers because of bots,” Nadia explained.

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