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“Hakuna Raha!” Karen Nyamu Saddened by Samidoh’s Separation from His Family and Edday Nderitu, Prays for Their Reunion

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Nominated Senator Karen Njeri Nyamu has once again hinted that it’s her wish for her partner Samidoh’s first wife, Edday Nderitu, to return to their family.

While responding to fans’ comments during a live session, the mother of three children revealed that she had been constantly praying for things to go well in her family and for Samidoh’s first wife.

She expressed that even though she was happy to have the Mugithi singer in her life, she felt uneasy about the situation with Edday.

“I still pray for things to go well on both sides because there is no happiness. There’s no joy, despite feeling good and content with my children and their father, and having a man I love. I feel good. But it’s not as good as it would be if everything were okay on both sides. But we are all believers, we know our situations are in God’s hands. God doesn’t lose His battles,” Karen Nyamu said.

The UDA Senator hinted that it was a divine act for Samidoh to be her partner, emphasizing that she always prayed for her children to have their father.

She revealed that in her prayers, she consistently asked God to handle the situation in her family and make things right.

“God works in mysterious ways. I used to pray and tell God, ‘You gave me beautiful children, their father loves them. He has other children whom he loves dearly, and he has another woman whom he loves so much…’ I always prayed to God from my heart. Perhaps that other woman also prayed to God from her heart. I fear God. God arranges things. We hope for the best outcome. We hope things work out for both sides. We haven’t given up on the other side. We still pray for things to happen,” she said.

Addressing Samidoh and Edday’s children attending school in the United States, the lawyer stated that they are their children, and it’s a positive development.

Samidoh’s long-time wife, Edday Nderitu, is currently living in the United States with their children. She left the country earlier this year and appears to have settled there comfortably, with the children starting school in the U.S.

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