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‘Many women waiting to be married’ – Man who wedded 3 the same day says the target is 10

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In a remarkable ceremony, a polygamous man married three women on the same day and shared his belief that numerous women eagerly await marriage, urging men to seize the opportunity and embrace the abundance by considering additional unions.

Athuman Yengayenga, a Muslim man from Shanwe, Mpanda Municipality in Katavi province, Tanzania, made headlines when he married three women on the same day in a grand ceremony.

However, he reveals that this is just the beginning, as his ultimate goal is to have at least ten wives.

In an interview on Millard Ayo’s YouTube channel, Yengayenga confidently stated that there are countless women waiting eagerly to be married, presenting a golden opportunity for men to take advantage of the overabundance and increase their marital prospects.

“These three wives are not enough. There are many women out there waiting to be married.It’s simply a matter of talking to them and presenting your intentions. I urge men not to miss this chance but to pursue it when they are ready,” he expressed during the interview.

While the idea of having ten wives might raise eyebrows, Yengayenga stressed that obtaining consent from his current wives is of utmost importance to him.

He values peace and harmony within his household, and for this reason, he will proceed with taking additional wives only if his current three agree to it.

He operates a rotational system among his wives, spending two days with each of them every week.

This arrangement ensures that he gives all three wives adequate attention and avoids any potential tensions among them.

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