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Man Jailed For 15 Years After Killing Wife For Serving Him Food With No Meat

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In a tragic and senseless act of violence, a 56-year-old man has been sentenced to 15 years behind bars after being found guilty of murdering his wife in Kambaru village, Embu County. High Court Judge Lucy Nuguna presided over the case and delivered the verdict, highlighting the heinous nature of the crime.

The chilling incident unfolded on December 25, 2022, when Crispin Nyaga, after consuming alcohol during a drinking spree, returned home to find his wife, Catherine Mbuya, waiting for him. Before leaving for the revelry, Nyaga had left Ksh.2,000 for his wife to buy food and other essentials after selling miraa worth Ksh.3,000 at the nearby Kiritiri market. He specifically instructed her to purchase meat as well.

However, when Nyaga returned home, he was displeased to discover that the plate of food served by his wife did not include any meat. This small discrepancy quickly escalated into a heated argument between the couple. In a fit of rage, Nyaga grabbed a machete and viciously hacked Catherine’s leg just below the knee. As she fell to her knees in pain, he seized a thick piece of wood and delivered a fatal blow to her head, killing her instantly.

During the trial, the court heard that village elders had raised concerns about Nyaga’s potential threat to the community, particularly his own children, should he be released. The judge took these concerns seriously and emphasized that the safety of the Kambaru people was paramount in her decision.

Justice Njuguna, in delivering her ruling, made it clear that the gravity of Nyaga’s actions warranted a significant custodial sentence. By taking another person’s life, he had caused immeasurable pain and suffering to his family and community. The 15-year imprisonment was seen as a measure to protect society from the dangers posed by the convicted man.

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