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Late Mugithi Maestro John DeMathew’s Second Wife Opens Up About Inheritance Struggles After His Death

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Carolyne Waithera, the second wife of the late Mugithi Maestro John DeMathew, has candidly shared her challenges following her husband’s passing.

In a recent social media post discussing co-wives, Carolyne offered advice to fellow women, emphasizing the importance of financial independence and not relying solely on their husband’s wealth.

Carolyne recounted her own painful experience after the death of John DeMathew, revealing that she had faced difficulties during the inheritance process.

She alleged that the first wife, Sarafina, and her family convinced her to forego some of the late musician’s properties, only to be left empty-handed.

Carolyne expressed her shock and disappointment at being disinherited and even resorted to seeking legal recourse, but to no avail.

“I was deceived, and they took everything from me. I even went to court 10 months ago, but in this Kenya, I have never believed that I lost everything in my own Ukiambu.” she shared.

“But thanks God I am a hustler. My advice to ladies, work hard and be independent. Experience is the best teacher. All the best and congratulations to them.” Carolyne DeMathew added.

Despite the unexpected turn of events, Carolyne remains resilient and grateful for her own hard work and perseverance.

She urged other women to be independent and learn from her experience, acknowledging that life’s challenges can be valuable teachers.

The revelation of the inheritance dispute came as a surprise to many, as Carolyne and Sarafina had displayed unity and solidarity during John DeMathew’s burial.

They had even collaborated on a Kikuyu song together, attempting to continue the legacy of their late husband.

Sarafina, the first wife, had publicly reassured Carolyne and the public that they were united and that no one would come between them.

Their show of togetherness at the burial, attended by prominent figures including President Uhuru Kenyatta, had left a positive impression on many.

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