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Butere’s ‘Jina Hutaki’ Man Lands New Job Days After Seeking Help

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Leonard Omusula, the man behind the viral ‘Jina Hutaki’ meme, has found a new lifeline, all thanks to the benevolence of Butere Member of Parliament (MP) Tindi Mwale.

Omusula’s life took a dramatic turn after his heartfelt appeal for employment to escape the harsh reality of living on the streets.

In a recent interview with Vincent Mboya, Omusula shared the challenges he faced while struggling to survive without food or financial resources on the streets. His journey of homelessness began in 2007, and life had been a constant struggle ever since.

Moved by Omusula’s story and genuine desire to turn his life around, MP Tindi Mwale stepped in to grant his wish. The legislator warmly welcomed Omusula into his upscale residence in Nairobi and offered him a job as a messenger in his parliament office.

This incredible opportunity breathed new hope into Omusula’s life, opening doors to a brighter future.

During their meeting, MP Tindi Mwale shared a meal with Omusula, and he even took him on a tour of his office. Overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement, Omusula expressed his heartfelt thanks to the kind-hearted legislator, vowing never to return to the streets again.

The ‘Jina Hutaki’ meme originated from an interview with K24, where Omusula candidly spoke about the struggles of alcohol abuse resulting from poverty.

The video clip went viral, capturing the attention of social media users who creatively adapted it for various scenarios.

Omusula’s life took a difficult turn following the passing of his parents. Despite facing immense challenges, he is a devoted father to his daughter, who is currently in high school and relies on his support.

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