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Interior CS Kithure Kindiki: Unrest Contained, Kenya Returns to Normalcy

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Interior CS Kithure Kindiki has assured the public that the unrest witnessed during Wednesday’s demonstrations has been contained. He stated that the country has returned to a state of normalcy and assured Kenyans of their safety during Friday’s protests.

Kindiki advised all individuals to continue with their daily activities and trust the security officers with their safety. He also emphasized that the security agencies have learned from the past demonstrations and are committed to achieving even better results in maintaining law and order.

“Public and private sector workers, business people, travelers, and everyone is advised to continue with their daily nation-building activities tomorrow and in the days ahead, and leave the matter of their safety and security to the National Police Service and other security organs of the Country,” he said.

The CS further stated that those who disrupted peace during the demonstrations will face legal consequences. A total of 304 individuals were arrested across the country on Wednesday for suspected involvement in various crimes, including looting, property damage, arson, robbery with violence, unlawful assembly, preparation to commit a felony, and destruction of buildings and infrastructure.

The number of arrests in different regions was as follows: Nairobi (113), Eastern (53), Rift Valley (61), Nyanza (47), Coast (20), Western (10). Notably, there were no arrests in the Central and North Eastern regions.

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