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Stella Brenda: How a Wealthy 60-Year-Old ‘Mubaba’ Deceived Me into Leaving My Radio Job, Only to Dump Me Later

by Paul Nyongesa
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Former Ramogi TV presenter Stella Brenda Ochieng has opened up about her regrets regarding falling in love and marrying a wealthy older man, commonly referred to as a ‘mubaba’.

Speaking on Simy Kenya’s Luo podcast, the 35-year-old mother of two shared her story of how a 60-year-old man swept her off her feet.

They say love knows no age; it’s just a number. Therefore, Brenda saw no issue with falling for a man almost twice her age.

If anything, this man with deep pockets indulged her in a life of luxury. The more he showered her with the finer things life had to offer, the deeper she fell for him.

So much so that she didn’t hesitate to quit her job at the radio station to become a housewife at his request.

The man, well-connected within the government, assured her he would compensate her for what she used to earn at the radio station, in addition to her upkeep. They planned to marry.

“I moved to Nairobi and married a 60-year-old man. I loved him. We stayed together for two years, but then we separated,” she disclosed.

Brenda explained that she had just secured a job at Lolwe TV when her ex-husband requested she not take it because she was already pregnant with their child.

“I got a job at Lolwe TV, and on my first day, he showed up and asked me not to take the job because I was pregnant with our child. He offered to pay me the same amount I would earn for a few months. Then he stopped,” Brenda recounted.

Life was splendid as their love blossomed.

“I lived the life of a princess. I resided in Lang’ata, and I was chauffeured around. However, things took a drastic turn when he kicked me out of his house on November 23, 2018,” Brenda remembered.

With nowhere to go and no plan in place, Brenda and her two children returned to her parents’ home.

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