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How a Last Minute Chopper Change Altered the Fate of Chief of Defense Forces Francis Ogolla

by Paul Nyongesa
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A day after the death of Chief of Defense Forces Francis Ogolla, scanty details are emerging on the circumstances that might have led to his demise.

In a report filed by NTV, it is mentioned that Ogolla and his entourage were supposed to use a different chopper on their way to inspect Chesitet Primary School, Cheptulel Boys High School, Chepoton Primary School, Ksaa Primary School, and Sablimoi Primary School as part of his working tour.

However, a last-minute swap saw them using a Kenya Air Force Huey Helicopter, with details behind the use remaining scanty.

This comes even as Kenyans continue to ask more questions that could have led to the death of Kenya’s highest-ranking military officer.

Addressing the issue on his X account, the outspoken Embakasi East Member of Parliament, Babu Owino, took to social media to articulate crucial inquiries while urging swift and thorough investigations into the incident.

Among the pressing questions raised by the legislator was the inquiry into the whereabouts of the West Commander at the time of the tragic occurrence, hinting at a potential gap in command and oversight during the fateful flight.

Babu Owino further queried the absence of other key military figures, such as the Defense Forces Sergeant Major and the Army Commander.

“Why was the whole CDF using one Helicopter with no 50ACB Helicopter Escort in an operation area?” Babu Owino questioned.

Additionally, he scrutinized the logistical aspects of the flight, questioning the adequacy of security measures, including the absence of a designated 50ACB Helicopter Escort and the utilization of a single helicopter for such a high-profile mission.

The MP also pondered the composition of the entourage accompanying the CDF, highlighting the absence of senior officers and raising concerns about the protocols observed during the inspection visit to a school in the operation.

“Who gives a parade to CDF in an operation when he is about to inspect his troops and how many helicopters should a CDF use while visiting an operation area?” Babu Owino questioned.

President William Ruto officially confirmed the death of Chief of Defence Forces Francis Ogolla Thursday night.


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