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Nyota Ndogo Cries Out After Giving Birth to a Child Whose Skin Color Doesn’t Resemble That of a Mzungu man

by Paul Nyongesa
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Veteran Kenyan singer Mwanaisha Abdalla, popularly known as Nyota Ndogo, has emotionally expressed her grievances regarding online harassment, just a few weeks after giving birth to her third child.

In a heartfelt video shared on her Instagram page, the coastal-born musician lamented that some internet users have been mocking her and her newborn baby. She voiced her distress over certain individuals casting doubt on the true paternity of her infant son, claiming that her Caucasian husband is not the biological father.

“Hello, my brothers and sisters wherever you are. I hope you’re all well. You’re all perfectly fine. I would like to say something. I don’t know if people on social media, when you pick up your phone and you’re on social media, whether when you write something or insult someone you don’t know, hurl abuses, or say hurtful words. I don’t know if you realize that we catch feelings or what,” Nyota Ndogo lamented in the video as tears streamed down her cheeks.

She continued to lament about how a social media user made allegations that the real father of her child is one of her employees.

“I usually don’t pay much attention to the things you say. But if there’s something that has hurt me, it’s when someone comes to my page and says that the pregnancy I carried belongs to a chapati maker. That is, my pregnancy is not from my husband, it’s from the chapati maker,” she said.

The mother of three, however, refuted these claims, clearly stating that she herself prepares the chapatis at her hotel.

“I even make the chapatis myself. I roast my breasts all day and sell chapatis to people, and then someone comes from anywhere and says that pregnancy, if the child is dark-skinned, then it’s from my chapati maker. Alright, I impregnate myself then, how about that my friends,” she said.

Following this, the seasoned singer urged people to be cautious and considerate of others’ feelings when commenting on social media platforms.

She also clarified that her Caucasian husband is happy and content with their child because despite having a dark complexion, they resemble each other.

“The father himself is happy to have an African child,” she said.

While sharing the news of her child’s birth last month, Nyota Ndogo posted a picture of the newborn on her social media accounts, referring to him as her heir.

However, the singer expressed her concern about the appearance of their child, claiming that he doesn’t resemble his co-parent.

“Welcome home my child, but this complexion, I won’t be told I’m the one who has cheated, you’ve decided to take your father’s hair and our complexion, welcome Abdalla. (WE HAVE A LEGACY).”

The newborn child of the 43-year-old musician is her first with her Caucasian husband, Mr. Henning Neilsen.

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