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Maverick Aoko announces she is single after the man she fed for two years dumps her

by Paul Nyongesa
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Maverick Aoko, a prominent journalist who transitioned into a  blogger, recently made headlines by revealing that she is now single.

This announcement comes in the wake of the dissolution of a relationship that had been anticipated to culminate in marriage, as the man she was involved with decided to end things.

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, Aoko shared a candid reflection on her journey, accompanied by a picture of herself with the man, exuding sensuality.

In her tweet, she recounted the investment of time and resources she poured into the relationship, stating, “This nigga, I housed and fed him for 2 yrs. His Okuyu wife had ditched him I was hustling, writing for Opera mini and Viusasa. He vamoosed, vied for MCA, failed. Came crawling back I was out of depression and vulnerable. Sai, hataki nilipiwe fee! I sent him packing 2 am jana.”

The tweet sparked a flurry of responses, among them:

Saddat commented, “The men who give you a chance in their love lives must be very strong. They deserve Presidential awards of Honor! Hopefully you will now focus on education now that someone wants to pay your fees.”

Njui remarked, “Men are territorial animals similar to lions. Kukubali ulipiwe fee, ni kusema kuna simba ingine kwa nyumba.”

Kamau John added, “Baby Aoko, also known as Kachumbari ya wanaume, continue chasing away our men especially those who abandon their wives for beautiful girls like figure 13 Aoko..chase them at night preferably between 1am & 2am so they remember the wives they abandoned.”

Mary Akatha said; You’ve a chain….. very soon you’ll be praising another one. The day you’ll learn to keep private matters/bedroom gymnastics confidential…and not a social media topic the better. Hoo he has put inside….hoo he has put outside…hoo am feeling good. Grow up and choose aline.




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