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Sad as Lady Profusely Cries After Lucky View Real Estate Fails to Pay Her Monthly Salary

by Samantha
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Kisii actress, dancer, and influencer, Bonareri, has found herself embroiled in a dispute with Lucky View Real Estate Limited, owned by Felix Ombiro, over unpaid dues for services rendered.

The saga unfolded when Bonareri, engaged by the real estate company in January, discovered that her agreed-upon compensation had not materialized.

As per the terms outlined in a contract signed on January 12, Bonareri was entitled to a monthly payment of KSh 40,000, supplemented by a 5% commission on land sales.

However, her efforts to secure payment for her January services proved futile, prompting her to initiate follow-ups in early February.

Despite Bonareri’s persistent inquiries, Ombiro purportedly failed to honor his commitment, leading to a stalemate.

Matters escalated when Ombiro expressed a desire to terminate the contract, a proposition Bonareri accepted on the condition that she would receive compensation for her prior contributions.

Frustrated by the lack of progress, Bonareri resorted to leveraging social media, particularly Facebook, to shed light on her predicament.

In a heartfelt live video shared on February 28, she tearfully implored viewers to intervene and help her recover the outstanding payment owed to her by Lucky View Real Estate Limited.

According to Bonareri, despite receiving KSh 40,000 initially, Ombiro owes her an additional KSh 40,000, along with damages for the inconvenience caused.

However, Ombiro’s response to these allegations contradicts Bonareri’s claims.

He contends that Bonareri failed to fulfill her work obligations adequately, citing her infrequent office visits as evidence.


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