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Shock as City Preacher Speaks to a Hen in Church After Claiming God Gave Him Power to Speak to Animals

by Samantha
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A video featuring Jeremiah Kioko, a preacher affiliated with the Jesus Is Coming Deliverance and Healing Ministry Church, has gone viral, sparking intense reactions on social media.

In the footage, Kioko boldly asserts his purported ability to communicate with animals, claiming it as a divine gift from God.

“God has given me a gift to speak to animals. Don’t joke,” he was heard in the trending video bragging.

“If am speaking to a hen, what about a human being?’’ he further bragged.

Kioko’s confident declarations in the video have stirred skepticism and criticism from viewers, with many questioning the legitimacy of his claims.

Despite the preacher’s insistence and challenges for skeptics to bring animals for him to communicate with, doubts persist regarding the authenticity of his alleged ability.

The viral video has reignited debates about the regulation of religious institutions, with some calling for government intervention to ensure accountability and prevent potential exploitation.

See some comments from Kenyans:

Paulline Njoroge: Who will we blame for this kind of madness? There are people seated in that church and so proud to belong there, watching as cruelity is being meted on this cock. How can a sane person believe in anything the guy is saying and continue attending services here? If someone believes these are normal Chritian practices, they should ask themselves why such drama is not witnessed in Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Anglican Churches etc, yet they are the oldest denominations in the world?

Okamu: Huyo msee Ako tu sawa kufinya kuku? ,have read the bible but never seen kind of miracles like this ,, nowadays churches are into business just to get more followers and money ,,but one day God will expose those who mislead people..it’s coming

Abdi: These pastors are damn creative, they can do anything to attract more followers. Just pressing the cocks neck and it will produce that sound.

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