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Shakila : I Charge Ksh.10,000 For twatwa! With me for 1Hour Only

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One of Kenya’s most renowned and contentious young socialites, Shakila Tiffany, has recently unveiled her pricing structure for those seeking to spend time with her, shedding light on the amount one must be willing to pay for the privilege.

During a candid question and answer session, the socialite, who had previously disclosed her six-figure fee for intimate encounters, elaborated on the charges for individuals simply wanting to hang out with her.

As per her revelation, those desiring to spend an hour in her company must part with Ksh.10,000. It remains somewhat ambiguous whether this fee is solely for casual companionship or includes additional services.

Shakila justifies her monetary requirements by emphasizing that her body serves as her livelihood. In an interview with Mungai Eve, she explained that she has heavily invested in her physique, considering it her financial asset, and expects compensation for access to her company.

Expressing a preference for engaging with Nigerian men, Shakila asserts that they are financially affluent and compensate her generously. She adamantly declares that she will never entertain the idea of dating a Kenyan man, as she perceives many of them to be frugal and incompatible with her preferences.

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