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Diamond Feels He Has Been Sent To Witchcraft After Bat Entered His House

by Paulette
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Diamond Platnumz has shared a shocking encounter on his Instagram story, revealing his surprise upon returning home to find a bat hanging at his door.The artist expressed concern, suggesting that the presence of the bat may be linked to blackmail or the use of magic within his house.In the video, Diamond explained that the bat was not ordinary, speculating that it may have been sent by magicians in response to his announcement of releasing a new song. Despite his team’s caution, one member attempted to remove the bat, using a crutch to do so.


The incident sparked confusion and apprehension among Diamond and his colleagues, highlighting the belief in magic and superstition prevalent in some communities. Traditional healers, commonly sought for solutions to perceived supernatural occurrences, continue to thrive in such cultural contexts.

While some strongly believe in the existence of magical powers, legal institutions and the government maintain that witchcraft is a product of imagination, lacking tangible evidence for judicial consideration.

This disconnect between cultural beliefs and legal standards underscores the complexity of addressing supernatural phenomena within the framework of governance and jurisprudence.

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