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“Nataka Mwanaume Ananiomba Pesa” Anita Santuri Says

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Speaking during the mid-morning show in Milele FM with his co-host Mitch Comedian, Anita highlighted her preference for a man who is not hesitant to ask for money from her. She stated that he doesn’t like seeing his man asking for financial help from his female friends.

“I don’t want a man who doesn’t ask for money from me. I want the one who asks money from me. I love a man who respects me. I don’t want a man who asks money from other women.” Anita Santuri said.

The radio personality went on to address a common trend she observes, noting that some men are more comfortable seeking financial assistance from female friends rather than their own partners.

Santuri attributed this phenomenon to what she perceives as a lack of manners in some women. She highlighted a concerning pattern where women, having financially supported their partners, boast about their role in sustaining the relationship to friends. This, according to Santuri, creates a dynamic where men may be more inclined to seek financial help elsewhere.

“You know men nowadays are comfortable asking money from their female friends and not their women because women have bad manners, you find your man ask money from you and then you go telling your friends how you are the one keeping your man, that you are the one giving him money.” Anita Santuri added.

(Watch video evidence from minutes 0:12-2:20)


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