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Nigerian Man Dumps Nairobi Woman After Impregnating Her at an Airbnb

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Amidst the alarming surge in femicide cases, Nairobi fashionista Ann Wanjiru has come forward to share her distressing experience with a Nigerian lover, highlighting the darker side of relationships.

Wanjiru’s account begins with what appeared to be a typical romance. She recalls enjoying outings, exchanging texts, and spending nights over at her boyfriend’s place.

“We were on good terms, going out, texting and sleepovers. I used to think he was living in his apartment each time I would visit him and spend a couple of days at his place. One day, as I was coming out of his apartment, the security guards who asked for my details stopped me. I told them where I was coming from, how long I had been there and what house number. When they saw I had been there for a few days, they told me to register my details and then leave,” she told TUKO.co.ke.

However, the relationship took a drastic turn when she discovered she was pregnant.

Initially, Wanjiru’s boyfriend seemed supportive. But when she shared the news of her pregnancy, his reaction was anything but understanding.

“After I broke the news to him, he went silent. But I’m stubborn, so I kept calling and calling and at last, he answered my calls. When he answered my calls, he scolded me, asking why I got pregnant and why I never told him because I did not want a baby,” she said.

Despite her boyfriend’s disapproval and pressure to terminate the pregnancy, Wanjiru remained steadfast in her decision.

However, her refusal to comply with his wishes led to a significant shift in their relationship dynamics. Her boyfriend began to distance himself, and their meeting locations changed, indicating a growing rift between them.

“At last, I told him that if he wouldn’t show up or check up on me to see how I was doing, I would have to tell people. Then, I finally went silent on him for a while, but that is when I noticed I was being followed whenever I walked. It was different people and everything, but it was not a coincidence. Can you imagine alighting a matatu and you are just going about your business, and then there is somebody? And the moment you stop, the person also stops because when you are walking, and someone follows, you will notice,” the woman from Nairobi said.

Feeling uneasy and suspicious, she reported the matter to the police, suspecting her Nigerian boyfriend’s involvement in the surveillance.


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