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” Mrudishe Bunduki Yangu Ama Niikujie” Cop Who Silenced Gaza Tells Thika Thugs

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A formidable law enforcement figure renowned for his unyielding stance against criminal gangs, Ali Nuno, the current Kiambu County Police Commander, has issued a stern warning to perpetrators who robbed a fellow officer of a firearm. Nuno, formerly the OCPD in Kayole, gained notoriety for dismantling notorious gangs like Gaza and Mungiki that plagued Nairobi Eastlands during his tenure.

Photo Courtesy of Kiambu County Police Commander Ali Nuno for Illustration purposes only

Transferred to Kiambu from Nyeri in 2019, Nuno’s reputation remains intact, evident in his recent admonition to thugs terrorizing Thika residents from their hideouts in Kiandutu. Addressing the issue during a public event, Nuno presented the culprits with a clear ultimatum: return the stolen firearm voluntarily or face the consequences when he retrieves it. His uncompromising tone emphasized that the repercussions, which could involve loss of life, would be severe if the criminals chose not to comply.

Nuno’s message, delivered with authority, harks back to his impactful crackdown on the Gaza gang in 2015, a feat that earned him promotion to the position of county commander. His call for the return of firearms in the wrong hands reflects his enduring commitment to curbing criminal activities. The plea to the Kiandutu residents echoes his historical success in quelling criminal networks, emphasizing the urgency of relinquishing illegally possessed weapons.

In a forceful declaration, Nuno reminded the offenders that his extensive experience in law enforcement, notably as the OCPD in Kayole, makes him no stranger to dealing with criminal elements. The imperative nature of the message underscores Nuno’s unwavering determination to maintain public safety and reclaim weapons from the wrong hands in Kiandutu.

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