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Lesson for Young Men as Startling Details Emerge Why Cebbie Kok’s Marriage with Lawyer Steve Ogolla Collapsed

by Paul Nyongesa
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Akothee’s sister, Cebbie Koks, and her husband Steve Ogolla have recently made headlines after she posted a cryptic message on her Facebook page, suggesting all might not be well in their marriage.

The drama started when Cebbie posted a cryptic message on her Facebook page, leaving followers questioning the stability of their relationship.

Adding to the intrigue, Cebbie took a bold step by deleting all the wedding photos shared on her social media accounts, a move that ignited further speculation about the couple’s well-being.

Despite previous instances of rumors surrounding their relationship, the couple had managed to quell them by presenting a united front at public events.

The recent actions, particularly the removal of wedding photos, suggest that there might be more to the story than meets the eye.

Cebbie’s latest Facebook post, dated January 17, 2023, features a lighthearted photo of herself laughing, accompanied by a humorous video where someone playfully mentions being “returned” after claiming to be taken.

โ€œYou remember I said I was taken, well, they have returned me๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ˜‚,โ€ Cebbie wrote.

The post strongly hints at a shift in her relationship status, leaving fans eagerly awaiting an official statement or clarification from the social media influencer.

While Cebbie has been more open about her thoughts and feelings, her husband, Steve Ogolla, a well-known lawyer and political analyst, has maintained a stoic silence.

Notably, he has neither unfollowed nor removed posts featuring him and Cebbie from his social media accounts, leaving the public to interpret the silence.

Insiders, claiming familiarity with the couple, have shed light on a potential source of tension.

According to these sources, Steve Ogolla is reportedly eager to expand their family, but Cebbie Koks has faced challenges in conceiving, possibly due to reproductive health issues.

‘Cebbie is feeling the pressure and is considering leaving the marriage,’ said the source familiar with the couple, as reported by kenyan-post.com.”

The couple, who celebrated a lavish traditional wedding ceremony in 2022 surrounded by friends and family, has yet to welcome a child together, a fact that has added another layer to the ongoing rumors.

Steve Ogolla, already a father from a previous marriage, has yet to share parenthood with Cebbie.


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