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Kenyans Amazed as YouTuber Mungai Eve Breaks Silence on Breakup Rumors with Director Trevor

by Samantha
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YouTuber Mungai Eve has finally broken her silence on the online rumors that have been circulating for the past two days suggesting that she and her partner, Director Trevor, have called it quits.

Eve addressed the speculations on her Instagram page in a sponsored post with a local communications company. Despite the commercial content of the post, her fans overlooked the advertisement and instead focused on the comments section, bombarding her with questions, demanding answers about whether the breakup rumors are true or mere unfounded gossip.

This follows Mungai deleting all pictures of Trevor from her Instagram page, with Trevor responding in kind by removing all images of Mungai.

Appearing to be aware of the ongoing situation between them, Eve responded to one fan, stating that she would soon address the issue. “First, let’s concentrate on the ad,” Mungai told a fan and assured another that she would tackle the rumors. “Coming up next,” she promised.

The couple has been together for over 5 years but has not welcomed any children. This aspect of their relationship has consistently subjected them to pressure from their fans.

Fans have been urging Eve to bear Trevor a child as a sign of genuine love, while others speculate that delaying motherhood might indicate a lack of long-term plans with Trevor in the future.

However, the deletion of each other’s photos came shortly after Trevor announced his intention to adopt a son this year, leading many to believe it was in response to the unmet expectation of having a biological child with Eve.

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