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“‘Over My Dead Body, I Can’t Marry a Lady Without a Degree’: Environmental Science Graduate Declares After Graduating from Maseno University

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A man named Victor Patience Oyuko, popularly known as Kenyan Degree Holder, has been using his social media platforms to advocate for the significance of obtaining a degree, especially among the youth. Oyuko strongly believes that education is a powerful tool that can effectively eradicate societal issues such as inequality, poverty, illiteracy, and despondence.

As an environmental scientist, Oyuko recently sat down for an interview with TUKO.co.ke, to shed light on the motivation behind his degree campaign and the goals he aims to achieve.

He expressed a desire to encourage people, particularly those who hold degrees but may feel discouraged due to job scarcity, to recognize the potential of their education.

Oyuko emphasized that individuals possess the power to transform their destinies by identifying niches in society where they can apply their knowledge.

“I speak about a Degree daily because I want our people to harness all available knowledge and transform society. I speak for Degree holders who have despaired and given up on their degrees because of a lack of jobs,” he articulated.

Oyuko sees education as a testimony of value, acknowledging that while he is yet to achieve all his dreams, he firmly believes that holding a degree will propel him to high places.

Reflecting on his upbringing, Oyuko shared that his father’s constant encouragement to excel in academics and attain a degree fueled his determination.

He highlighted how his father emphasized that obtaining a degree was a precious gift he could bring home. Oyuko sees his degree not only as a personal achievement but as a key to unlocking doors that might have remained closed otherwise.

Encouraging fellow degree holders, Oyuko challenged them to take pride in their educational achievements despite the challenges in the job market.

He stressed the importance of recognizing the value of a degree and using it as a tool to create positive change in society.

Interestingly, Oyuko revealed a personal preference when it comes to relationships, stating that he would never date or marry a woman without a degree. He firmly declared, “I can’t marry a lady without a degree. Over my dead body. I will never forgive myself if I do.” Oyuko believes that a degree not only distinguishes individuals as learned and capable of effecting positive change but also opens up opportunities to solve societal problems.

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