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Uasin Gishu mother cries, begs court to increase son’s 8 year prison sentence

by Samantha
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In a courtroom in Kapseret, Uasin Gishu County, emotions ran high as a 72-year-old Kenyan mother faced the disappointing reality of her son’s lenient prison sentence.

Jimmy James Kipchumba, charged with threatening to kill his mother, theft, and property damage, was handed an 8-year prison term by Principal Magistrate Christine Menya.

However, the sentence left the elderly woman devastated and fearful for her safety and the safety of her other children.

The charges against Kipchumba stemmed from an incident on October 6th, where he threatened to kill his mother and siblings, ominously stating, ‘Hutafika January nitawamaliza’ (You won’t live to see January; I will finish you). Alongside the threats, he was accused of theft and damaging property, charges he vehemently denied during the proceedings.

His mother, a former prison guard, wept openly in the courtroom upon hearing the verdict.

She had anticipated a far more severe punishment for her son, hoping for at least a 30-year sentence to secure her family’s peace of mind. Her anguish was palpable as she expressed her disappointment, stressing the pain her son had caused the family.

“I would like him to stay in jail for a longer period so that my family can find peace,” she implored, believing that a lengthier sentence might act as a deterrent and ensure her family’s safety.

Despite his mother’s pleas and her assertion that her son’s potential return home in less than four years posed a significant risk, Jimmy Kipchumba remained defiant.

He argued in court that the entire case was a misunderstanding arising from a dispute with his siblings. He claimed that his siblings were conspiring against him, framing him for their own benefit, aiming to exclude him from inheriting the family’s wealth.

“I know that my brothers and sisters are pleased because they expect me to die in prison so that they can inherit my father’s estate. Let us meet in heaven if you wish,” he retorted, maintaining his innocence.

The courtroom drama unfolded against a backdrop of tension and fear. The elderly mother, once a prison guard, exhibited a deep understanding of the potential implications of her son’s lenient sentence.

With her family’s safety hanging in the balance, she pleaded for a more stringent punishment, desperately hoping that justice would prevail and provide the security her family desperately needed.

As the court proceedings concluded, the uncertainty loomed large over the family, leaving them to grapple with the aftermath of a divisive verdict that left them questioning the efficacy of the legal system and their own safety in their home.

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