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Regrettable as Man Quits Well-Paying Banking Job to Start a Business, Ends Up Making Only Ksh 200

by Paul Nyongesa
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Henry Ayieko, a former banker, embarked on a brave journey in 2016 when he made the life-altering decision to quit his stable banking job.

Fueled by the desire for independence and the pursuit of his entrepreneurial dreams, Ayieko chose to invest his savings of Ksh 150,000 into a business venture that he believed had tremendous potential: housekeeping services.

His concept was innovative: a company that provided training for housegirls and subsequently connected them with potential employers.

Ayieko’s venture, aptly named “Hire Best Kenyan Maids,” was launched with great enthusiasm on 1st April. The excitement of starting his own business and being his own boss was palpable.

However, as with many entrepreneurial journeys, Ayieko’s path was not without challenges.

The initial days of his business proved to be disheartening, with not a single customer in sight. Undeterred, he decided to invest in online advertising, hoping to attract potential clients.

Although the paid advertisements generated some interest, Ayieko faced another setback when four potential clients failed to follow through with payments.

To date, he had managed only one successful transaction, earning a meager Ksh 200.

His target market, employers in search of househelps, seemed elusive, despite his efforts to create an appealing platform.

In a bid to expand his reach, Ayieko took to the streets, designing and distributing around 200 posters in key areas across Kenya, including Nairobi, Thika, Eldoret, Kitale, Kisumu, and Nakuru.

Despite his extensive efforts, success continued to evade him, leaving him in a challenging situation.

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