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”I want a good man” Lady Who Returned to Her Ex Cries Bitterly as He Breaks Her Heart Again

by Paul Nyongesa
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In a poignant tale of hope and heartache, a lady found herself weeping uncontrollably after enduring yet another heartbreak at the hands of her former boyfriend, whom she had bravely reunited with.

This unidentified woman had decided to grant her ex-partner a second chance, harboring dreams of a rekindled romance. However, her dreams were shattered as her ex-lover once again broke her heart.

The emotional turmoil that unfolded did not align with her expectations.

A viral video surfaced on TikTok, depicting the lady’s tears flowing freely within the confines of her car. In the background, a compassionate man attempted to console her, but his efforts proved futile.

This brief yet profoundly emotional clip garnered over four million views on the popular social media platform.

As the video spread like wildfire, viewers took to their keyboards to offer advice and words of wisdom to the heartbroken lady.

They collectively cautioned against granting former flames a second chance in matters of the heart, echoing a sentiment grounded in their own experiences and lessons learned.

User 1926243 commented, “You were warned, askies… still needed a reason why he became an ex. Now he’s your Exx2.” Racquel added, “Never look back, cause they never ever change… I be holding a whole funeral in my head as soon as we break up.”

Beefy Tyrone shared, “One thing I’m heavily learning this year: 1. Never give your ex a second chance 2. Never give the guy who’s been chasing you for years a chance.” Tshidi Motaung humorously shared, “I gave him 5 second chances; my therapist is expecting a visit from me on Monday.” NaraDarling warned, “Babe. They spin the block to seek revenge.

Never look back.” Hlas’elihle mused, “What’s worse is that your friends probably warned you, but you ‘followed your heart.'” Letuka cynically quipped, “A second chance to do what exactly? To finish off breaking your heart.”

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