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Mixed Reactions as Zari Hassan Buys New Teeth and Gets Artificial Dimples – Charming

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South African socialite and businesswoman Zari Hassan recently revealed her remarkable smile transformation after undergoing a dental cosmetic procedure. The mother of five shared her radiant new smile on Instagram, where she showcased not only her dazzling teeth but also a set of newfound dimples that had caught the attention of her fans.

In her Instagram post, Zari captioned a photo of her beaming smile with, “Me lately since visiting @daryadentalturkey 😁😁 I can teeth for days now🙈 💋.”

Zari Hassan’s decision to enhance her smile is not unique among celebrities.

Socialite Vera Sidika, for instance, openly discussed her experiences with dental cosmetic procedures she underwent several years ago, alongside other enhancements. Vera Sidika revealed that she invested approximately six thousand dollars (equivalent to Ksh. 7,254,000) in improving her teeth and other procedures, emphasizing the importance of certified doctors for such enhancements.

In addition to Zari and Vera Sidika, Anerlisa Muigai, heiress of Keroche Breweries, has also opted for cosmetic dental procedures. Anerlisa, who notably lightened the color of her gums, responded candidly to a curious fan’s inquiry about the change.

How its done;

While some people get natural dimples, others go above and beyond to get artificial dimples.

A common procedure to have artificial dimples is called a dimpleplasty which is a plastic surgery to get dimples or in other words a technique that creates artificial dimples on the cheeks.

This involves a minor operation where a person receives local anesthesia. According to medical news today, dimple plastic surgery is safe and does not cause serious side effects.

The first dimple plastic surgery was done in 1962. While most people may find smiles of people with dimples more appealing, others choose the procedure to have a more youthful look.

When preparing for a dimple surgery, the patient should get enough sleep, avoid medication that can interfere with aesthetic.

Check out fan’s reactions;

Ummyrams: As long as she is happy

ElizabethClemmoswilo: Mwili wake pesa zake ww unaumia nn

Janerozaniplace: Ila kuna watu wanaongeza vitu kwa gharama kubwa Alaf kuna sisi tumevalikuwa navyo 🙏🙏🙏🙏Wacha nimshukuru Mungu wangu

Mankiyasuleiman: Kusema kweli zimempendeza yaani mi jamani zari mrembo


German2dar: Mnahangaika me na dimpoz mpaka nataman kugawa afu hizi sie kwetu mpaka wanaume na watoto wetu tunaozaa alama ni dimpoz

Careen official: Ivi kumbe kuna watu wanapend dimples hivii😂😂😂woiii,,haya mkuje mchukue

Symplygatha: kapendeza sana jamani yaan waaooow

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