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Wife Dumps Husband After Finding Him in the act with Another Woman Inside the Church

by Paul Nyongesa
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Benson Ngeno, 30, from Nakuru, sent a message requesting reconciliation During the Radio Jambo Patanisho show with his wife, Faith Kipkorir, who left him last month.

Benson stated that their six-year marriage has faced significant challenges, primarily their inability to have a child together.

“We had an argument last month. We’ve been married for six years. We’ve never had a child. I married him with one child. There’s pressure from parents about why my wife isn’t giving birth,” Benson said.

Benson revealed that his wife left him after he was caught with another woman at the church where he works as a property manager.

“While I was at work in the church, I brought a woman, and by unfortunate or fortunate circumstances, the pastor found out. That made my wife very angry. I was fired from the church and lost my job. My wife got upset and left. I called her the other day, but when she heard my voice, she put me on her blacklist,” he said.

He added, “Yes, I brought another woman, I had thought I’d try to see if the problem was with me. We haven’t been able to see a doctor. I made a mistake, that’s why I wanted to apologize. I haven’t been able to go to her place. Ever since she blacklisted me, it’s been tough even to visit her. They have network problems there.”

When Faith was contacted by phone, she claimed that her partner had been involved in extramarital affairs throughout their relationship.

Furthermore, she made it clear that she has completely broken up with him and asked him to move on with his life.

“That’s an absolute lie. He’s lying about sleeping with women throughout the time we’ve been together. First, he was caught with the pastor. I’ve tolerated that man for a long time, but now I’ve reached my limit. I’ve left him completely,” she said.

Regarding the issue of not having a child, Faith stated that it was her own decision for personal reasons.

“I made that decision myself. I told him he’s never treated me right. He’s never come to my home and he wants me to bear his child,” she said.

Benson continued to apologize and begged his partner to reconcile, but his pleas fell on deaf ears.

“We’re no longer in a relationship. Leave me alone. You go on with your life and your women. I’ll raise my child on my own. How many times have I forgiven you? You go on with your life,” Faith told Benson.

Following this, Benson had no choice but to accept the decision of the young woman who stated that she has already found someone else.

“I accept what you’ve decided. But I loved you, and I’ll continue to love you,” he said.

Faith said, “He should just go on with his life.”

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