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I sold my transport business to build successful real estate company

by Paul Nyongesa
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At the onset of 2020, few entrepreneurs could have predicted the extent of the devastation that awaited their lives and businesses in the coming months.

This was the year when a global pandemic completely upended the world. By March 2020, the country was in lockdown, causing the economy to come to a standstill. Businesses were closing their doors, and employees were being sent home.

James Muturi Kimani, a successful transportation business owner in the Nairobi metropolitan area, was not exempt from these challenges. He possessed a fleet of trucks and had initially foreseen a prosperous year.

“However, the pandemic shattered all my aspirations. The economic downturn and lockdowns brought my business operations to a halt,” reflects Kimani.

Recognizing the need to adapt swiftly, he embarked on finding opportunities amidst the adversity. “Though the pandemic was devastating, I believed every crisis holds some potential. I was determined to uncover these opportunities,” he explains.

In mid-2020, Kimani decided to transform the economic setback caused by Covid-19 into an advantage. He shifted his focus to real estate and made the bold decision to sell off his entire truck fleet.

“I pooled my resources and combined them with the proceeds from selling my transportation business to venture into real estate,” Kimani reveals.

After thorough research, he identified real estate as a thriving sector with a burgeoning demand. “The desire for homeownership is timeless, a basic necessity,” he acknowledges. “I understood that by offering genuine real estate services and products backed by legal verification and promising returns on investment, I could successfully enter this industry.”

In July 2020, he founded his company, naming it AMCCO Properties Limited. “During the height of the 2020 pandemic, Nairobians were seeking affordable residential land. Recognizing this gap, I seized the opportunity, giving birth to AMCCO Properties Limited,” says Kimani, who also has a background in banking.

He emphasizes that he established AMCCO Properties Limited due to his observation that many companies in the Kenyan market were selling speculative plots.

“While the demand for residential and commercial plots within the Nairobi Metropolis was soaring, few institutions could truly meet clients’ needs,” he notes.

As of now, AMCCO has successfully completed over twelve projects, including developments in Kamulu along Kangundo Road and projects in Ndeiya sub-County, Kiambu County.

“AMCCO specializes in plots within the Nairobi Metropolis, specifically in areas like Kikuyu, Gikambura, Thigio, and Kamangu,” Kimani states.

An evaluation of the real estate landscape in these areas highlights AMCCO’s positive influence on the growth of the new Ndeiya Sub County.

“Kamangu and Thigio’s vast lands, once used for grazing, have now transformed into serene residential environments, making this the new ‘Nairobi Bedroom’,” Kimani observes.

A visit to the area reveals that Kimani’s business distinguishes itself by offering plots near essential amenities such as piped water, well-connected road networks, upgraded healthcare centers, and improved security.

This approach has led to an increase in land prices. “In the past three projects, we purchased land at double the prices from a year ago. For example, in Kamangu, plots that were selling at Ksh 550,000 in June 2021 now command over Ksh 850,000,” Kimani shares.

He notes that as more people settle in the area, private schools and hospitals from areas like Waiyaki Way, Dagoretti, Kawangware, and Ngong Road are branching out to Ndeiya, further boosting the land’s value.

Additionally, Ndeiya’s proximity to the neighboring Karen has enhanced its appeal. “With Karen just a 10-minute drive away, as well as the bustling Sigona, Tilisi, and Zambezi areas, Ndeiya has become a highly sought-after location.”

Interestingly, land values in Ndeiya have caught up with, and in some cases surpassed, those in previously high-demand areas like Kamulu.

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Currently, AMCCO Properties Limited offers 50*100 plots for sale in Thigio, Kikuyu, priced at Ksh 1.2 million and Ksh 1.1 million respectively. Plots at Beverly Estate off Waiyaki Way are also available for Ksh 2 million.

For more information about their projects and offerings, you can visit their official website: https://amccopropertiesltd.co.ke/.

“Beverly Estate boasts proximity to Sigona Golf Club and is only 500 meters from the tarmac. Nestled in a tranquil and picturesque setting, it provides a unique opportunity for a peaceful and secluded lifestyle while maintaining convenient access to amenities,” Kimani concludes, highlighting that the company delivers title deeds to buyers within 90 days.

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