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Stivo Simple Boy’s Financial Crisis Exposed! The Real Reason He Can’t Afford a Car

by Paul Nyongesa
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In the glitzy world of entertainment, fame often comes hand in hand with fortune.

However, for Kenyan music sensation Stivo Simple Boy, the road to financial stability has been a rollercoaster ride filled with sacrifices, mistakes, and valuable life lessons.

Despite being a household name in the music industry, Stivo Simple Boy has candidly shared the reasons behind his financial struggles.

In a recent interview with a local TV station, the humble artist revealed that he made a conscious decision to prioritize his mother’s needs over extravagant expenses.

Rather than indulging in luxuries like buying a car, Stivo chose to build his mother a house in the countryside and dug a well for her.

Kuna vitu viwili, utanunua shamba au utanunua gari? Gari ina gharama sana, kwa hivyo mimi nilijengea mama nyumba ushago na nikamchimbia kisima,” he revealed.

However, Stivo also admitted that his past naivety played a significant role in his financial woes.

He confessed to signing contracts without fully comprehending their implications, leading to unfavorable outcomes that affected his financial standing.

Izo mikataba nilikua nikitia sahihi zilinikosea, unajua kutia sahihi ni kujifunga,” he confessed.

Despite the setbacks, Stivo Simple Boy has learned from his mistakes and decided to manage his career differently.

Rather than having professional management, he now relies on a team of trusted friends to handle his affairs.

While this approach may lack the expertise of seasoned professionals, it also allows him to maintain a sense of trust and familiarity within his inner circle.

The artist’s journey has not been without its share of controversies either.

Stivo shocked fans when he candidly admitted to being involved in relationships solely for the sake of gaining publicity.

He acknowledged that some of the women he was seen with were mere pawns in carefully orchestrated publicity stunts. This revelation brought to light the lengths some artists may go to attract attention and maintain their public image.

Social media further intensified the spotlight on Stivo’s financial struggles when his wife made shocking accusations against his management.

She accused them of withholding funds, leading the couple to live in poverty. She revealed that Stivo’s Mpesa account often contained paltry sums, leaving them struggling to put food on the table.


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