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Brian Chira Badly Abuses Lang’ata MP Jalango Days After Being Arrested for Attacking Azziad Nasenya

by Paul Nyongesa
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In the aftermath of his arrest for targeting Kenyan TikTok sensation Aziad Nasenya, Brian Chira, the polarizing figure in the world of digital content creation, once again took to the online realm through a live session.

This time, his digital tirade was directed at Lang’ata Member of Parliament Felix Odwuor, known by the alias Jalango, whom he accused of neglecting him during his time of trouble.

Chira’s frustration found a voice, punctuated by derogatory language as he vented his dissatisfaction, branding Jalango as a fool.

He held Jalango accountable for what he perceived as a lack of support, asserting that his attempts to seek assistance had been met with disregard.

“I’ve tirelessly reached out to Jalang’o for help, but it appears my efforts have fallen on deaf ears. This negligence is nothing short of a disgrace,” Chira’s words rang out with fervor.

This recent outburst came hot on the heels of Chira’s prior declaration that he had been actively searching for Jalango’s involvement.

Elaborating on his appeal, Chira outlined his desire for a face-to-face conversation with Jalango, aiming to address a range of critical issues. He justified his choice by highlighting Jalango’s impartiality and comprehensive understanding of the system, believing him to be the most suitable candidate to navigate and clarify these concerns.

With a tone of urgency, Chira beseeched, “Jalango, there are vital matters that require your expertise to be addressed. Your impartial stance and intimate knowledge of the system make you the ideal collaborator. Even a brief dialogue, be it five or ten minutes, would be invaluable in sanitizing these matters.”

However, recent events had cast a shadow over Chira’s digital activities. He had been apprehended for engaging in cyberbullying against Azziad Nasenya, a move that had repercussions beyond the virtual sphere.

His educational pursuits faced a setback as he found himself suspended from his campus for a duration of two weeks. The suspension stemmed from his online vocalizations and the nature of his content, a reminder of the real-world consequences his actions carried.

Undeterred, Chira staunchly defended his authenticity, boldly stating, “I am Chira, and I won’t compromise who I am to appease others. While a degree is my goal, it’s imperative for people to recognize the power of staying true to oneself.”

The culmination of these events has taken a toll on Chira, leading him to reflect on his choices. Acknowledging his shortcomings, he conceded, “I could have handled things differently.” While offering an apology, he remained reticent about further commentary on the matter. The pressing question lingers: will this ordeal prompt a transformation in Chira’s perspective and behavior? As he emerged from a harrowing four nights and three days in jail, the crucible of his experience may hold the key to his future path.

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