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Revealed: How Monalisa Hotel is minting thousands after the death of catholic priest

by Paul Nyongesa
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The little-known Monalisa Hotel, located in the quiet Delview area along Kandara Road, has recently undergone a dramatic shift in fortune.

Following a tragic event on its premises, the hotel has experienced a surge in business and a heightened curiosity from the public.

The incident in question is the untimely death of Catholic Priest Father Joseph Kariuki Wanjiku, which has left many seeking answers and first-hand information about what transpired.

Father Kariuki’s passing has prompted a wave of curiosity among the general public, with numerous individuals flocking to the Monalisa Hotel to satiate their morbid fascination with the incident.

Among them is John Njuguna, a resident of Juja and a close friend of Father Kariuki. Njuguna, who was unaware of the clergyman’s knowledge of the hotel, visited the establishment in search of details and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of services offered.

The tragic events unfolded when Father Kariuki, a 43-year-old priest from St Peter Catholic Church Ruai, checked into the hotel accompanied by Ruth Nduhi Karanja, reported to be his lover.

Unfortunately, their night together ended in disaster as Father Kariuki succumbed to uncertain circumstances. In response, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) swiftly initiated an investigation. Samples were collected from the hotel room in an effort to unravel the mysterious cause of the priest’s death.

Upon their arrival at Kenol Hospital, it was determined that Father Kariuki had tragically passed away. Due to the absence of a mortuary at the hospital, the police transported his body to Mater Hospital for preservation until a post-mortem examination could be conducted.

Hotel staff revealed that prior to retiring to their room, the couple had ordered and consumed food and beverages amounting to Ksh 6,500.

Remarkably, it was discovered that Father Kariuki had been a regular guest at the Monalisa Hotel for the past two years, a fact unknown to many.

As news of Father Kariuki’s death spread, the worshippers at St Peter’s Catholic Church mourned the loss of their beloved priest.

They were urged to exercise patience and allow the police to conclude their investigation before jumping to any conclusions regarding the incident.

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