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Blessing Lung’aho finally responds to Jackie Matubia

by Paul Nyongesa
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Blessing Lung’aho, the former partner of actress Jackie Matubia, has seemingly responded to Jackie’s recent confession about not finding Mr. Right.

The couple had been in an unusual phase in their relationship, leaving fans speculating about a possible breakup. However, Blessing’s latest social media post has sparked rumors that he may have found a new love interest.

In the post, Blessing shared a photo of himself with a mystery woman and captioned it, “I think I’ve found the one.” While he didn’t explicitly state whether the woman is his girlfriend, his followers are convinced that he is in a new romantic relationship. Many of them even started referring to Blessing as “Mr. Right” in the comments section.

This post has sparked a debate on social media about the significance of finding Mr. Right in a relationship.

Some people believe it’s crucial to find the perfect match, while others argue that the most important aspect is being with someone who brings happiness and fulfillment.

For Jackie Matubia, Blessing’s post may come as a surprise, and it remains to be seen how she will react to the news. Nonetheless, Blessing seems to have moved on and is no longer waiting for her to find her ideal partner.

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