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Standard Media Group Breaks Silence on Reports of Kaswende Outbreak in the Newsroom

by Paul Nyongesa
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Amidst swirling allegations of a syphilis outbreak within the premises of Standard Media Group, the media house has adamantly refuted these claims, labeling them as baseless rumors aimed at sullying its reputation.

Ken Mijungu, the news anchor, addressed the issue head-on during a recent news briefing, assuring the public that the staff members are in good health and that there is no truth to the alleged outbreak.

In addition to dispelling the rumors of a health crisis, Mijungu took the opportunity to address other speculations surrounding the media house. He clarified that Standard Media Group remains fully operational, dispelling any notions of imminent closure or auctioning of the company.

However, Mijungu’s statements went beyond addressing internal matters. He called upon the government, specifically Interior Cabinet Secretary Prof Kithure Kindiki and Permanent Secretary Raymond Omollo, to investigate and take action against those behind the smear campaign targeting the media house.

Moreover, Mijungu criticized recent directives aimed at funneling all advertising to the national broadcaster, viewing them as attempts to suppress media freedom.

He urged the government to retract such directives, emphasizing the crucial role of independent voices in the media landscape.

The call for government intervention comes amidst growing concerns over the spread of misinformation and targeted attacks against media organizations.

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