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Nyako Predicts End Times After Pastor Ng’ang’a Joins TikTok

by Samantha
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TikToker Nyako threw a jibe at controversial preachers Pastor James Ng’ang’a and Pastor Kanyari for joining TikTok.

Nyako  suggested that their presence may not solely be for preaching but could involve soliciting offerings or personal gain.

She also lamented how young people were so addicted to their phones that some were dying because of addiction. “TikTok has become popular. Pastor Kanyari, Pastor Ng’ang’a are on TikTok. We will be stepping on each other on TikTok, even with pastors. Soon, Pastor Ezekiel. We will be criticising each other. Very soon, we will be one nation under one roof. Even Ruto is here with a pseudo,” she said.

Central to Nyako’s concerns is the potential fate of physical churches in the face of increasing digitalization.

She suggests that if pastors are flocking to TikTok to reach the youth who are not attending traditional services, it could signal the eventual closure of physical churches.

“I told you guys TikTok is the end of time. It is going to unite and break us. TikTok is the beginning and the end of humankind. Churches are going to be closed because the youths are not showing up. If Pastor Ng’ang’a has joined TikTok then churches are going to be closed,” she further said.


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