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Justina Syokau: I Regret Dating a Man Who Impregnated Me and Ran Away

by Paul Nyongesa
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Gospel artist with controversy from Ukambani, Justina Syokau, is a woman filled with regrets about the conservative life she lived during her youth.

Speaking on the Oga Obinna Live Show, Syokau expressed that one of her greatest regrets now is preserving her chastity, only to end up with a man who abandoned her after impregnating her.

Syokau explained that during her school days, she had taken great care of herself as she was a born-again Christian. However, while her friends who engaged with various men have settled into marriages, she, who preserved herself diligently, ended up as a single mother.

“I think salvation contributed more to my ignorance of life. I was the chairperson of the Christian students’ union in school, and when I started working, I was already saved. I had kept [my virginity] for my husband, thinking this was everything, because we were told that bitten doughnuts couldn’t find buyers in the market,” Justina said.

“I think it would have been better if I had sought experience and understanding. I regret not knowing life, I regret that I took great care of myself only to have my heart broken. I regret getting pregnant when I was deeply saved, and here I am today as a single mother while others who were indulging as young girls are now in marriages and settled,” Justina expressed her distress.

Since parting ways with her husband, Syokau has not found a serious man to date and marry. In many interviews, she claimed that when she finds one with the qualities she desires, that’s when she’ll marry.

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