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Monthly salary Raila will receive once elected AU chairperson

by Paul Nyongesa
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Raila Odinga, a prominent figure in Kenyan politics and the leader of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), is poised to potentially assume a significant leadership role in the African Union (AU).

With his bid for the AU Chairperson gaining momentum, Odinga’s candidacy presents both opportunities and challenges for the continent’s governance landscape.

The AU Chairperson’s position is no ordinary role; it entails a plethora of responsibilities that encompass administrative, diplomatic, and strategic functions.

Should Odinga secure the position, he would become the chief executive officer, legal representative, and accounting officer of the Union.

His primary mandate would include enforcing AU policies, preparing the Union’s budget, and championing the organization’s objectives on the global stage.

Odinga’s bid for the AU Chairmanship has already garnered support fr

One of the most striking aspects of the AU Chairperson’s role is its extensive diplomatic responsibilities. The Chairperson serves as the face of the AU in international forums, representing the continent’s interests in critical summits and negotiations.

Odinga’s long-standing experience in diplomacy, coupled with his extensive network of contacts across Africa and beyond, positions him as a formidable candidate to fulfill this crucial aspect of the role.

Furthermore, as the Chairperson, Odinga would wield considerable influence over the African Union Commission (AUC), determining its agenda and organizational structure. This authority extends to key appointments within the Commission, allowing the Chairperson to shape the direction and priorities of the AU’s administrative body.

However, with great power comes great accountability. While the AU Chairperson enjoys significant autonomy in decision-making, they are ultimately answerable to the Heads of State of AU member countries.

Odinga would be required to provide regular reports and updates to facilitate informed decision-making by African leaders, ensuring transparency and accountability in AU affairs.

In addition to the substantial responsibilities, the AU Chairperson’s position offers attractive perks and benefits. Odinga would receive a generous monthly salary, along with allowances for accommodation and utilities.

The perks associated with the AU Chairperson position are undeniably attractive. A monthly salary of Ksh2.4 million (approximately US$15,576.75), along with additional allowances for housing and utilities.

Moreover, his spouse and dependent children would benefit from educational allowances.

Odinga’s bid for the AU Chairpersonship has already garnered support from influential figures like Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo. However, his success hinges on securing endorsements from key stakeholders across the continent, including President William Ruto of Keny

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