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King’ang’i: Before paying her dowry, consult boda boda guys

by Paul Nyongesa
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In a lighthearted yet unconventional piece of relationship advice, Mwalimu King’ang’i, co-presenter at Classic 105, has suggested that men seeking to commit to a serious relationship should first consult with boda boda riders for valuable insights into their potential partners.

During the ‘Kasheshe’ segment on Classic 105’s morning show, King’ang’i humorously recommended involving boda boda riders in the decision-making process before proceeding with traditional dowry ceremonies.

According to him, these riders, familiar with the happenings in the community, possess valuable information about individuals, particularly women.

“Before taking dowry to villages, consult boda boda riders. They know those women. Ukipita hapo ukipeleka crate ya soda na mandizi. Boda Boda riders know mahali wanawapelekanga,” King’ang’i remarked.

The advice, acknowledged by his co-presenter Maina, underlines the idea that boda boda riders are well-acquainted with the social dynamics and relationships within the community.

King’ang’i playfully urged individuals not to rush into commitments without first consulting these riders, citing humorous examples of boda boda riders being aware of specific relationships and their developments.

“Kabla ujifanye mnaenda kucommit, uliza hawa jamaa wa pikipiki. They know them. Si huyu alikuwa na Richard, juzi tukampeleka kwa Roba, wanawajua. Na hata leo asubuhi ameamkia kwa Martin. Na hata vile anakuwa amenishika, si huyu msichana ako na moto,” he added.

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