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“I Would Charge 3000-4000 To Have Sex With Men In Gulf” Kenyan Man On How Poverty Led Him To Gaysm

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A young man from Nairobi, Kenya has shared his difficult journey of making regrettable decisions in order to escape poverty and provide for himself. Collins explained how he was compelled to adopt a gay lifestyle and engage in sex work in both South Africa and Saudi Arabia. Forced to adapt to survive, Collins shares his story of hardship and the desperate choices he made along the way.

Collins hails from a humble background and sought greener pastures in South Africa, believing it would be his ticket to a better life. However, he soon found himself struggling to make ends meet. In a bid to survive, he became involved in the local gay community and engaged in sexual activities for financial support.

Initially, Collins found the adjustment to his newfound lifestyle painful, as it clashed with his personal beliefs and principles. However, he felt compelled to persevere, as he was financially dependent on a white man who provided him with accommodation and other necessities. Collins also had financial responsibilities, such as supporting his uncle back in Kenya, which left him with little money for himself.

After a year in South Africa, Collins decided to try his luck in Saudi Arabia. However, his struggle for survival continued and he resorted to engaging in sex work with men to earn extra income. While some clients would pay him between KSh 2,000 to KSh 4,000, others would compensate him with gifts instead.

Reflecting on his choices, Collins admits that poverty and greed played a significant role in his decisions. He shares how he wanted to fight poverty back home in Kenya, which pushed him to continue with his gay lifestyle in the Gulf. Although it was not his preference, the young man believed he had no other option given the dire circumstances he faced.

Collins also spoke about the mistreatment he experienced periodically while working in the Gulf. However, he acknowledged that this paled in comparison to the exploitation and abuse faced by women who also sought work in the region.

Collins’ story sheds light on the difficult choices people make when faced with poverty and limited opportunities. His experiences highlight the vulnerabilities often faced by individuals seeking a better life in foreign lands. The narrative also raises awareness of the mistreatment of marginalized communities and emphasizes the urgent need for societal change and support systems that protect all individuals, irrespective of their sexual orientation or economic status. What is your view on this?

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