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Man who was captured almost kissing and asking for a number from a slay queen asks his wife for forgiveness

by Paul Nyongesa
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The Ivory Coast fan who was caught on camera attempting to flirt with a young beautiful lady during the round of 16 match of the Africa Cup of Nations between the hosts and Senegal has broken his silence about what transpired.

The video of Mr. Anselme Santos circulated on social media earlier this week, sparking mixed reactions from netizens about the incident. He was seen trying to capture the attention of the young lady who seemed uninterested, leading to ridicule and significant criticism from online users. Some even suggested that Mr. Santos might be the Sugar Daddy of the girl.

Following this, on Wednesday, Mr. Santos was invited to the show of presenter Willy Dumbo where he revealed the truth about the whole incident that sparked a debate on social media.

“All Ivory Coast fans were happy that day because we had a very strong team. From the hotel, we were playing with Senegalese fans. We boarded the bus together to get to the stadium. After that, Ivory Coast conceded the first goal, which saddened us. Senegalese fans were trying to taunt us, but that’s part of the game,” Mr. Santos narrated.

He continued to describe how he saw the beautiful Senegalese fan and approached her to ask for her number before openly being snubbed.

“When Ivory Coast won, I also started taunting the Senegalese. I was sitting up. When I saw that girl waving the Senegal flag, I approached her to challenge her. We were having fun. In that joy, I told her, ‘Give me your number, give me your number.’ It wasn’t serious, but she didn’t want to. So, I didn’t insist. Even later, I didn’t bring it up again. I returned to the stand,” he explained.

In light of the impact of the circulated video, the Ivory Coast fan took the opportunity to apologize to his wife and his family.

“I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to that lady, to everyone close to her, to my wife, and my children. I never thought this video would spread worldwide,” Enselme Santos said.

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