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Wash Wash 4 Show: Jackie Matubia Confirms Attendance Amidst Friendship Reconciliation with Terence Creative and Milly Chebby

by Paul Nyongesa
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On Thursday, comedian Terence Creative and his wife Milly Chebby visited the Radio Jambo studios. During the visit, presenter Massawe Japanni took a significant step to try and reconcile the celebrity couple with their longtime friend Jackie Matubia, with whom they were rumored to have had a falling out.

While interviewing the couple about their experience on Massawe’s show, Massawe Japanni called Jackie Matubia directly on air, and she joyfully answered the call. The delightful-sounding presenter then informed the former Tahidi High actress that she intended to reconcile her with her longtime friend, Milly Chebby.

“Reconciliation, really? Has it come to that?” Jackie Matubia responded, laughing heartily.

Massawe then urged the two longtime friends to talk to each other directly to resolve their undisclosed conflict.

“Now, what should I tell her, guys?” Milly Chebby questioned.

Speaking on behalf of his wife, Terence Creative denied claims that they had failed to invite Matubia to a previous event, stating that she claimed to be single.

Milly Chebby reiterated the presenter Massawe Japanni’s question to her longtime friend about whether she missed her and their friendship.

“You guys crack me up. Yes (I miss her),” Jackie Matubia replied.

Addressing their dispute, Matubia said, “As they said, I have neither to add nor subtract. What they said is what it is. We are family, quarreling is normal.”

Milly Chebby, on her part, clarified that they hadn’t broken their long-standing friendship but had instead taken a break.

“They are lying that we quarreled. It’s just a break,” Milly said.

Jackie Matubia confirmed their friendship by revealing her intention to attend Terence Creative’s ‘Wash Wash 4’ show scheduled for Monday, December 11.

“Let’s all show up for the show, meet at the show, watch Wash Wash, enjoy ourselves, and then get back to work… Yes, I will be attending the show,” she said.

She also expressed that there was nothing wrong between her and Milly Chebby, signaling a desire for reconciliation.

Terence concluded by saying, “As long as we are family, there will be disagreements, which is normal. The question is, how do you handle the conflicts you have as a family, and to what extent do you perpetuate them.”

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