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Twa Twa’ Pastor Sue Munene: Why You Should Never Kiss Your Child No Matter the Age

by Samantha
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In a recent TikTok video that stirred discussions, Pastor Sue Munene, popular for her ‘Twa Twa’ catchphrase, has shed light on a crucial aspect of parenting – the normalization of kissing children, particularly on their lips.

This revelation, though controversial, sparks a conversation about the potential impact of such actions on a child’s understanding of boundaries and relationships.

Pastor Sue, in her video dated December 3, firmly advocates against parents touching their children’s private parts, lips included.

She expresses concern about the unintended consequences, suggesting that children exposed to such behavior at home might seek or accept similar gestures from others outside the family unit.

“I have seen parents who kiss their sons and daughters, it is not right. When you teach them, now they want to be kissed by any other man or woman who comes along their way. Another private part of the child is the breast,” she said.

Her emphasis on the potential psychological impact of such actions underscores the need for parents to be mindful of their physical interactions with their children.

The pastor highlights that girls have seven sensitive parts, including the thighs, while boys have six.

“Whether you are a man or a girl nobody should touch them. Remember that it is part of the organs that arouses a man or a woman so no one should touch them,” she said.

Pastor Sue Munene extends her insights beyond physical boundaries, emphasizing the need for careful consideration when introducing children to matters of sexual education.

She encourages parents to use thoughtful and relatable language, steering clear of explicit terms.

In advocating for a collaborative approach to sexual education, Pastor Sue proposes a method where parents swap roles when discussing sensitive topics with their children.

This strategy ensures that both parents actively contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the subject. The idea is for the mother to address the son, and the father to speak with the daughter, and vice versa.

This approach acknowledges the diversity of parental perspectives and aims to provide a well-rounded education for the child. Pastor Sue recognizes that different parents may have unique insights, and swapping roles allows each parent to share their valuable perspectives.


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