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Size 8 Breaks Silence After Oga Obinna Claims Their Dirty Trick Led to His Wife Dumping Him

by Paul Nyongesa
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Kenyan comedian Oga Obinna earlier shared a captivating tale from his past that unfolded during his days as an intern at Q FM in 2022.

The narrative revolves around a seemingly innocuous photo with renowned gospel singer Size 8, a moment that would trigger unforeseen consequences and leave a lasting imprint on Oga Obinna’s personal life.

During a lively conversation with Size 8 on December 6, Oga Obinna took a trip down memory lane, fondly recalling the days when he had the opportunity to interact with various celebrities, including the gospel sensation.

The jovial banter during the interview soon turned serious when Oga Obinna posted a photo of himself and Size 8 on Facebook, unwittingly setting off a chain of events that would change the course of his relationship.

The photo, initially intended as a harmless memento of the interview, became a catalyst for turmoil in Oga Obinna’s personal life.

His wife at the time, upon seeing the image, was consumed by displeasure, and what began as a minor discontent quickly escalated into a full-blown crisis.

Oga Obinna returned home to a tense atmosphere, with his angered girlfriend expressing her jealousy by resorting to breaking things in the house.

Describing the aftermath as one of the longest nights he had ever experienced, Oga Obinna highlighted the strain in his relationship that was sparked by a seemingly innocent social media post.

The photo, which had garnered attention on various platforms, had inadvertently become a focal point for discussions and reactions, amplifying the impact on Oga Obinna’s personal life.

When confronted with Oga Obinna’s recollection of the incident, Size 8 defended herself, deflecting responsibility for the relationship’s demise.

“Wacha nikuambie, hakuna mwanamke anaeza kushuku kama hujampea reason ya kukushuku. Wewe ulikua unakula nje. I was innocently taking a ride in your car but the wife of your time why was she aroused with jealosy? You had tormented her mind with other women. It must be a pattern ulimwonyesha.

Instead, she suggested that Oga Obinna’s own actions and interactions with other women might have fueled the jealousy and suspicion that led to the chaotic aftermath of the photo.

“Haezi kuwa alinipata wrong kama wewe hukuwa unachimba mahali hufai kuchimba. Wewe ulikua unabeba ukibeba wengine. Me and you nothing happened. Yes you were innocnt with mama Wambo but what about other women?” she said.

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