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Hatukula Kitu! ‘Kaveve Kazoze’ Hitmaker Asks for Financial Help After Going Broke

by Paul Nyongesa
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The music group Spider Clan, famous for their song “Rieng Genje” commonly known as “Kaveve Kazoze,” has come forward to open up about their challenges despite the immense popularity they have gained.

In an interview with Jalang’o TV, the four-member band, comprising siblings and neighbors from Nyandarua County, complained that they did not reap any benefits from their widely popular song earlier this year.

They claimed that this was mainly due to a significant portion of the money generated from the song on YouTube going into the account of the song’s producer.

“For the song ‘Kaveve Kazoze,’ we didn’t earn anything. It was managed by the beat owner. The one who owned the beat was the one taking that money,” they explained.

They added, “It was only after the song reached four million views that we realized money could come our way.”

Despite the tremendous popularity, they asserted that the long-lasting nationwide hit ‘Kaveve Kazoze’ did not bring substantial financial benefits to them.

“In terms of popularity, the name is big, but there’s no money. Even when we go for performances, people cry poverty, saying the economy is tough,” they lamented.

Discussing how life has been after their song went viral online, Ngesh wa Vasha, who sang the famous lines of ‘Kaveve Kazoze,’ expressed feeling uncomfortable, as if they have become wealthy through music, which is not the case.

“People perceive you differently; you know how it is on social media. They speculated that we have money, but we don’t,” Ngesh said.

He added, “One feels down because when we meet people outside, they claim we have money, and you can’t tell them you don’t have money.”

They also complained about some unfulfilled promises made by certain prominent figures, including a popular politician, urging them to fulfill their commitments.

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