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Shix Kapienga: Why Men Are Afraid to Date Me

by Paul Nyongesa
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Talented actress Nancy Wanjiku Karanja, popularly known as Shix Kapienga, recently bared her soul in a revealing interview on TV47, shedding light on the hurdles she faces in the dating world.

The accomplished thespian opened up about the misconceptions surrounding her, attributing her single status to a stereotype that paints her as “too ghetto” for potential suitors.

In her trademark tomboy style, Shix exudes confidence, unapologetically embracing her unique fashion sense.

When comedian Ofweneke probed about whether her choice of attire contributed to the perception that she was ‘too ghetto,’ Shix staunchly defended her wardrobe choices. “In the ghetto, I would just rock my jeans and T-shirt and move on. Why would I wear a dress?” she asserted.

Born and raised in the vibrant Kangemi neighborhood, Shix faced numerous challenges growing up. However, instead of letting these hardships define her, she channeled her energy into the world of theatre, where her talent and passion flourished.

During the interview, Shix delved into her acting journey, highlighting a pivotal moment working alongside Academy Award-winning actress Lupita Nyongo in Shuga 2.

Reflecting on her time with Lupita on set, Shix spoke glowingly of the renowned actress, describing her as “very nice, very friendly, very humble, very loving.”

Despite the professional connection, Shix humorously shared her quest to find a tweet from Lupita mentioning her.

“I acted with Lupita, but do I say. Umewahi tafuta tweet!? Well, it is X now, have you ever scrolled for a tweet, where she wrote and mentioned me? Aki, I have looked for it, nimetafuta hio tweet sijawahi pata, mpaka wa leo,” she chuckled.

Shuga, the groundbreaking MTV series that premiered in 2009, tackled critical social issues such as HIV and AIDS, peer pressure, love, and heartbreak.

Lupita Nyongo starred as Ayira, a confident and vivacious college student, in the first season set in Kenya. The series gained widespread recognition, airing in 40 different African countries before reaching an international audience on 70 TV stations.

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