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“Confusion Arises as TikToker Nyako Cries After Bank Account Is Closed, Days After Clashing With Akothee

by Paul Nyongesa
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A TikTok influencer from Kenya, currently residing in Germany, Rose Atieno, popularly known as Nyako, has lamented, claiming she is unaware of who might have caused her bank account, used for receiving income from her TikTok activities, to be closed.

In a video that circulated online over the past weekend, Nyako appeared sorrowful, expressing her confusion as she was unable to access her account to carry out transactions for the bills demanding her attention.

She speculated that someone may have reported her to the government through tax authorities due to the substantial income she earns from TikTok without paying taxes.

“My bank account has been closed. I can’t access it. It’s blocked. I don’t know who wrote what to the government this time. I have to pay my taxes from TikTok. I have to pay my insurance from TikTok. That money has been taken. I don’t even know where to start at this point. I don’t know what to ask,” she said.

Nyako revealed that the same individuals who troubled her while trying to make a living through TikTok might be the ones who disrupted her job in the past.

“The same people who made me lose my job. I used to go to work. I used to wake up very early like everyone else and go to work. I was very content and happy with my job until those same people on TikTok gathered to deny me the right to go to work. Someone wrote a letter to my workplace. And I lost my job within 24 hours,” she explained.

This comes a few days after a public spat with entrepreneur Akothee regarding who is imitating whom on the short video platform.

Akothee was the first to be affected by their exchanges, with TikTok temporarily suspending her account, before Nyako claimed that her bank account linked to TikTok income had also been closed.

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