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Behind the Pictures: Kate Actress and Phil Director’s Co-Parenting Journey Unveiled

by Samantha
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In a recent Facebook post, the renowned Kenyan actress Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Kate Actress, sparked a clash with some of her fans after sharing pictures of a birthday celebration for her daughter with her ex-husband, Philip Karanja, aka Phil Director.

The two actors had announced their divorce about three months ago but came together to celebrate their daughter’s fourth birthday on December 15 in a beautiful event.

In the caption of her post, the mother of two talked about the good relationship between her daughter and co-parent Phil Karanja.

“She is the most lovable little person in the world. Daddy’s girl in everything. She had a great birthday,” Kate Actress said in the photos she posted.

Despite the celebratory occasion, the attention of many Facebook users seemed fixated on the pictures featuring Phil Karanja.

Some fans even went so far as to express their desire for the former couple to reconcile, emphasizing how good they looked together.

Zainb Nyamweno commented on the post, saying, “Aki shetani hutoka wapi hakika? Jinsi mnavyoonekana vizuri pamoja, heri ya kuzaliwa kasupuu.” Kate Actress responded humorously, “Aki tunawekeleanga shetani saa zingine.. uhusiano ni chaguo la kibinafsi.”

Another fan, Zippy Kibe, pleaded, “Tunaomba muungano tena,” to which Kate replied, “Ya Ruto na baba?” playfully dismissing the idea of reconciliation.

When she was pressed to reconcile with the father of her daughter, the former actress of the show ‘Mother-in-Law made it clear that there was no possibility of that happening.

“Napenda hili… na mrudiane mnaonekana vizuri pamoja,” Essie Paul wrote.

Kate boldly replied, “Hatuwezi!” While responding to another fan who pressured her to get back together with Phil, the mother of two also made it clear that she does not have the desire to have any man because she is the one who decides to choose the one she wants to be with in life.

“Mimi sio aina ya kukata tamaa! Ninapata kuchagua ninayemtaka, ninapotaka, sio vinginevyo. Mimi ni daraja la juu. Wewe ni pickmeisha. Kwaheri,” she said.

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