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Risper Faith: I Faked an Accident and Received 256K from 30 Men

by Samantha
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Long-time socialite Risper Faith, popularly known as Lady Risper, has left her fans astonished after revealing one of the clever schemes she used to make money effortlessly before settling down in marriage.

Risper went live on her Instagram account and decided to spill the beans on a secret she had kept for a long time. She recounted a time when she had to fake an accident, even paying doctors at the hospital to allow her to lie in the emergency room bed just so she could take pictures and use them to extort money from her lovers.

In her own words, Risper shared her story, saying, “I drove all the way to Nakuru, and on the way, we staged an accident… Oh God, forgive me, the things we do to make money are many… especially when I didn’t come from Webuye to Nairobi to suffer; I came to uplift us economically. I didn’t come here to entertain or amuse anyone; I came to make money,” she began.

“Upon reaching near a hospital, we faked an accident. We made it look like the car had been in a serious accident. I went and took pictures with the car, and there was some blood there, so I smeared it on my face and head and took pictures. At that time, I had a list of ‘sponsors’ on my phone…”

“Don’t judge me; it’s about making money, honestly. I know all of you have done crazy things to make money too. So, from there, I went to the hospital, and I bribed a doctor who was there, a small amount, like three thousand shillings, so he could give me a blood injection without drawing blood and then admit me to the emergency room bed…”

“We left there and went to where we were heading, and I used those pictures to tell my sponsors that I had been in an accident while heading to Nakuru. I was billed by that doctor for fifty-six thousand shillings. Each of my sponsors sent different amounts, and that’s how I found myself with a total of 256k,” she added.

Upon returning to Nairobi, she even got fake bandages, and men would come and visit her, bringing her whatever she asked for, which she later used to buy food.

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