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Peter Njuguna: How I Rose from Earning Ksh 889 per Hour as a Toilet Cleaner in the US to Opening a Leading Radio Station

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Neil Gaiman, a popular author, shared this quote in his novel ‘American Gods.’ The quote serves as a reminder of how individuals can progress from lower to upper destinations over time.

By emphasizing gradual progress and taking one step at a time, individuals can steadily move toward their desired destinations.

This perspective promotes patience, perseverance, and a recognition of the importance of small, consistent actions.

And such is the story of Peter Njuguna wa Muchaba who rose from a humble background to owning a radio station in the US.

In an interview with Inooro FM presenter Jeff Kuria, Muchaba reflected on his journey, attributing his success to independence and an unwavering work ethic.

After graduating from university, Muchaba claimed that his father gave me Ksh40,000 to set up a business, but he declined.

He envisioned himself as someone who could handle things independently and earn from  his efforts.

His entrepreneurial journey began humbly, with him secretly selling milk to informal shops (kibandas).

“I used to sell milk to kibandas in order to earn a living. After working for over three years, the business grew tremendously and I began selling 2,000 litres daily,” he noted.

In 2003, door opened for Peter Muchaba  when he won a green card to the United States through a lottery.

Settling in Alabama under the care of his brother, Peter faced the harsh reality of immigrant life, taking up menial jobs like cleaning toilets and scrubbing floors in retirement homes.

“They paid me Ksh889 (7.5 dollars) per hour. In the United States, one is allowed to work only 40 hours a week. I later quit the job in order to learn how to drive trucks,” he recalled.

In 2006, Muchaba took his first entrepreneurial leap, establishing Kiambu Express.

Although it operated for only three years before it was closed down.

He later co-launched NW Express with his brother, navigating various business endeavors.

While exploring diverse business avenues, the idea of launching a radio station germinated in Muchaba’s mind.

This notion led to the birth of Diaspora Media Max Global, with a mission to keep the diaspora connected with news from their homeland.

“Initially, the idea of the company was to deal in foreign currencies. But I deviated from the role and sort to delve into the media industry in order to provide those in the diaspora with newsworthy content. As soon as we launched, the company began growing from social media pages with people sharing the live link with their families and friends,” he shared.

The company’s growth was exponential, with a significant portion of its audience engaging through social media pages and the app, where content could be streamed live.

“The bigger percentage of our audience follow us through the app. A lot of people have embraced the online platform where our content can be streamed live,” Muchaba explained.

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