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Kofi Asiedu: I earn sh.1600 per hour working as a dishwasher in Germany

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A dishwasher based in Germany Kofi Asiedu has revealed that he earns a total of 237,000 per month

A D]dishwashers who often work behind the scenes in restaurants and kitchens, tackles arelentless onslaught of dirty dishes.

They are the one’s who ensure that every meal is served on clean plates.

Kofi Asiedu, a Ghanaian working as a dishwasher in Germany, recently shed light on his job.

Kofi Asiedu revealed that he earns a monthly salary of Sh. 237,000.

While this may seem like easy money to some, he claims that being a dishwasher is anything but a walk in the park.

He claims that he  works eight hours a day for five days a week, earning  Sh. 1607 per hour.

Standing on his feet for hours, he  scrubs dishes and utensils, with only brief 10 to 20-minute breaks during his long shifts.

Multitasking or even checking social media during work is not an option; the job demands utmost attention and dedication.

“Here you can’t be working and also long other things like logging on social media to follow on what
is going on because your boss won’t allow that,” he explained.

Kofi Asiedu’s advice to local relatives of those working abroad is also noteworthy.

He cautions against squandering the money sent from abroad.

His perspective offers a glimpse into the sacrifices and hard work that immigrants often endure to support their families back home.

Online, netizens commended Kofi for his humility and dedication. M

Netizens online commended him for his hard work, humility and dedication to the blue-collar job.

One said.
“One thing I have learned from this guy is that he is very humble because such a job demands a very
humble person. If you are not humble you can’t do such a job. I work as a housekeeper in a hotel so I
know what am talking about.”

Another wrote;
“Congrats to him for sharing his story… others wouldn’t open up this way.”

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